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Direct payments are available to you if you are eligible for help from social care. They allow you to receive money to buy services or equipment for your eligible needs, instead of Southampton City Council arranging this for you.
SPECTRUM’s services help Disabled People to live the lifestyle of their choice, and realise the same opportunities and control that non-disabled people take for granted.
Direct Payments are available to you if you are eligible for help from social care.
Direct Payments are paid to you to allow you to select and arrange your own care or support.
Some people decide to use Direct Payments to employ their own staff, buy support from a care agency or access activities or purchase equipment.
Please explore our Website which has been created for Disabled People by Disabled People to give you the knowledge to do things your way.
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Direct Payments enable you to choose how your support is provided.


You are the person who makes decisions about your support. Direct Payments gives you the freedom to arrange your support in a way that suits you.


Direct Payments allow you to arrange your support where and when and how you need it.

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