of Direct Payments

What are Direct Payments?

Direct Payments

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    Direct Payments are available to you if you are eligible for help from social care. Direct Payments allow you to receive money to buy services or equipment for your eligible needs, instead of the council arranging this for you..

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    You can discuss this with your social worker or care manager when they assess your needs. Most people who are eligible for help from social care may have a Direct Payment..

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    The money will be paid to you or in some cases to your nominated carer, once we have assessed what your needs are. Direct Payments are tax free and will not affect any benefits you may be receiving..

Who can have Direct Payments?

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    Southampton City Council will complete an assessment or review to decide if you have eligible needs first.

    Examples of who can have a Direct Payment:

    • Older people who need Social Care Services
    • Disabled people over the age of 16
    • Carers
    • Families with Disabled Children
    • People using Mental Health services including older people
    • Disabled Parents
    • Another person or organisation can receive a Direct Payment on your behalf.

What can I use Direct Payments for?

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    There should be flexibility about what you spend your direct payments on. However, Southampton City Council are still adjusting to a new system, so you may need to be very clear about how what you are spending money on fits into your support plan.

    These are examples of how your Direct Payments could be used:

    • Household tasks such as cooking or housework
    • Accessing information such as reading mail
    • Personal care
    • Guiding and communication support
    • Transport such as taxis
    • Leisure activities such as socialising, sports, classes or groups
    • Holidays, short breaks
    • Equipment such as computer equipment, specialist home ware, mobile phones
    • Minor home adaptations (e.g. a handrail)
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    Parents or carers might also use Direct Payments for:

    • Short breaks
    • Support with domestic tasks
    • Support so that carers can go back to work
    • Activities to help alleviate stress